While Ishiguro’S Seminal Novel Never Let Me Go Explores

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While Ishiguro’s seminal novel Never Let Me Go explores relationships, notably friendships and romance, Duffy’s collection of poetry in The World’s Wife contains multiple perspectives, voices and views of love, friendship, revenge and sex. In terms of relationships between the sexes, the presentation of women as objects or stereotypes is one that Duffy challenges in her poetry. Both interestingly are written from the female’s perspective allowing the reader to experience a deep insight into the female eye. Ishiguro focuses on retelling a childhood through the character of Kathy. Duffy on the other hand focuses often on the deterioration of relationships. Also from Duffy’s collection, all the poems are written from the women’s perspective …show more content…

This poem therefore bridges a legal, loving and sexual relationship in a surprising way. In this poem Duffy describes the sensuality of their marriage, Anne “dreamed he’d written [her]”, creating the image of mutual affection and romance between the couple. However Duffy reasserts the typical gender norm by stating that woman is “noun” and man is “verb”, in other words, active, showing that it is Shakespeare who maintains the dominance in the relationship. Also her extended sentences with the breathless clauses: ‘the bed we loved in was a spinning world of forests, castles, torchlight, clifftops, seas’ suggests that when the couple had sex, their whole world would revolve around the bed. Duffy juxtaposes Shakespeare’s play settings with the intimate setting of the bed and even the psychological setting as she looks back on their love. It also suggests that the ‘earth moves’ which is a metaphor. Throughout the poem, Hathaway’s sex with Shakespeare is described as passionate, adventurous and exciting reinforced by the verb ‘spinning’. In contrast in ‘Never Let Me Go’ sex isn’t a key aspect of the novel, with it only appearing towards the denouement. On the other hand this can be completely contrasted because the strong climax leading up to the sexual interaction makes it more gripping

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