White Pale Makeup Smear Analysis

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White pale makeup smear over his sardonic Glasgow smile with demented eyes charges into Gotham’s General Hospital with his henchmen on a dark and stormy night; shooting the hospital’s security guard and pistol-whips a nearby patient in need of care from doctors. The Violent acts of an unhinged mind with a sadistic mordant sense of humor holds Gotham’s General Hospital hostage and threatens to kill everyone with a broken congested maniacal laughter until a doctor cures his large slightly raised blisters that spread across his entire body. The joker announces over Gotham’s hospital public address system that he’s dying. Three doctors place the joker on a hospital bed and organize preliminary test under the supervision of his henchmen. After initiating the visual display pulse of the joker’s heart, a nurse who aided the doctors’ escape from the joker and joker henchmen sight and pulls out her cellphone to call the police.
Batman, a moral solitary man from armor to the skin stood quiet and motionless enveloped by the black of the night actively listening to the live call-in feed to the police dispatch and infiltrates the hospital that is held hostage from the joker in a hasty attempt to defuse the situation. Batman then enters Joker 's patient room, where batman is fooled into thinking Joker is dead when he sees a Joker dummy attached to a flat-lining vitals monitor. Surprise! The real Joker knocks batman unconsciousness. “Paging Doctor Bat, paging Doctor Bat! Is there a Doctor

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