White Supremacist Nation

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The U.S. society is and has always been a white supremacist nation. In this essay I will prove how the U.S. society is now implicitly white supremacist by first giving an example of how today’s society has gone from explicitly dehumanizing non-whites, specifically blacks, to subtly degrading them. Second, I will argue how the one-drop rule still strongly affects everyday people in America as well as one of the most powerful positions man could obtain. Third, I will argue how our law enforcement and the justice system targets ‘unlawful’ persons based on appearances not actions. Fourth, I will argue how recent political activities have caused a surge in neo nazi groups. Last, I will argue how we are, in a sense, programmed to be “unconsciously…show more content…
War, by definition, is a state of armed conflict between different nations or states, or different groups within a nation or state. Put the two together and you get one of the nation’s most prolonged arguments; whether white privilege or white supremacy is truly a present day societal problem or just an excuse to place blame on white people for non-white’s shortcomings. The interesting facet of most people’s arguments in regards to racism is that it operates under the assumption that racial prejudice exists merely in extreme forms such as lynchings, segregation, de jure enslavement etc., when the truth is that anti-black bias is still at the foundation of the American social order. Biases exist on a spectrum, and while a white person in America may not call a person of color the N-word to their face, (or even say the word at all), overtly deny people of color the right to vote, hang them from a tree, or burn crosses on their lawn, the aggregation of subtle to extreme white preference - which transforms into white privilege in terms of policy, law enforcement, economics, education, and social spaces - still creates a systemic disadvantage for people of color in this country, especially black people. This systemic disadvantage is the textbook definition of…show more content…
Throughout President Donald Trump’s campaign there were various sparks of racial wars. Since his victory, there has been an uprising of incidents of hate crimes and harassment towards African Americans, Jewish-Americans, Muslims, Latinos, gays, lesbians and other minority groups. White supremacist imagery was a common sight at Trump rallies, many of those rallies were held by neo-nazi groups who projected their full support of President Trump. They shouted President Trump’s motto "Make America Great Again" which was seen by many them as a call back to the nation's ‘simpler,’ whiter, past. Not only were they shouting Trump’s motto, some of these white supremacist groups brought back the Nazi salute and cried out “Hail Trump.” These white supremacist, including the Klu Klux Klan, Alt-right and others, rose at a drastically fast rate and won the media's attention. President Trump has not openly admitted to supporting these neo-nazi groups, but he did not object while these extremist groups rallied and voiced their opinions. This last presidential campaign has divided the nation furthermore. There is no escaping this racial war; you are either in support of the whites or the colored; there is no
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