White Winged Wood Duck Research Paper

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1. Name of the organism
a. Both common & scientific (Genus & Species):
The common name of the organism is the white-winged wood duck. The scientific name of the organism is the Cairina scutulata, or the Asarcornis scutulata.
b. Picture of Organism:

2. Characteristics of the organism
a. Geographic location:
The Cairina scutulata is located in countries in Southeast Asia such as Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Bhutan.
b. Physical characteristics:
Cairina scutulata have black bodies, white heads with spots of black, random white patches on their wings, and red or orange eyes. The male oftentimes has glossier plumage and it is usually heavier and larger than the female.
c. Solitary or social animal:
The white-winged wood duck is a
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There has been no talk about habitat preservation or restoration but there are various laws and policies in many Southeast Asian countries protecting the white-winged wood duck. There have not been many attempts to release the white-winged wood duck from the captive breeding programs back into the wild. The current plans to save the organism are just to hope that the laws in place will protect the ducks, but that is not working well so far. There have been many materials talking about protecting endangered species, such as the Cairina scutulata, distributed in countries like Laos and Cambodia. Some other nearby countries like India have sanctuaries for these ducks. Some of the things that have been suggested that could save the organism are things like enforcing the hunting laws, actually monitoring the Cairina scutulata population, protection of swamp forests, and campaigning against oil and pesticide pollution. It is assumed that actually following through on the suggested ideas will drastically increase the Cairina scutulata population because they will be able to grow in an ideal
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