Who Is God? : A Christian Child Growing Up With An Awareness Of The Evil

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For centuries, we as human beings have grown up with an awareness of the evil that exists in the world. As a catholic child growing up I learned all about God, how he died for our sins and loved all his children. My parents at the same time were always very careful telling me and my young sister to beware of strangers. One day we heard of a young boy named Adam who was kidnapped in Sears and was later found dead. I remembered the whole world was shocked at this and how this could happen to an innocent child. I was confused about this because at the time I thought this couldn’t be right. God wouldn’t let that happen to a child. Why would he let that happen? This question was too big for my young mind to grasp and still to this day, this very thought has perplexed me. Where was God?
In today’s world it seems the capacity for those that carry out evil deeds is growing every day. If there is a God in the world, why does evil continue to exist? “Either God cannot abolish evil or he will not; if he cannot, then he is not all powerful; if he will not, then he is not all good.” (McCloskey, 1962) McCloskey goes on to say that if theists believe in an omnipotent God they must also explain the presence of evil. If God is powerful why does evil continue to take place? Why do people continue to suffer? This would mean that God is either imperfect or he is not powerful at all. (p. 187)
All of us from very young to very old will experience pain and suffering at some point in our…
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