Who Is Responsible For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet Essay

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The story Romeo and Juliet is a deeply written play that has the death of two true lovers, torn apart by fate and tradition. Because of this, most people would look at the play and blame either fate, society, or their feuding families for their death. However, after analyzing the play, a person could make the assumption that the cause of their death is their own tragic flaw, of obsession for love. This idea is shown through Romeo’s longing for love, Romeo’s suicide, and Juliet’s suicide. The first form of evidence shown in the story is Romeo’s longing for love. In the story, Romeo is shown to be depressed because he loves a girl named Rosaline; however, she did not love him. A natural reaction to a girl he met recently that does not love him is a mild sadness. However, Romeo took this sadness to an extreme and secluded himself from others because of this depression. After his friends heard about this, they decided to take him to a party thrown by the Capulets in an attempt to get him over this girl. When…show more content…
In the story, Romeo went to Juliet’s grave with the thought of suicide. As he entered the grave, Paris stopped him and told him to go away. Naturally, Romeo should have backed away and avoided the situation. However, he instead fought with Paris and killed him. Romeo then committed suicide right after he found out that Juliet was dead. This shows Romeo’s obsession for love by showing that Romeo was willing to commit suicide and kill others if a girl he likes, regardless of how long ago they met, dies, just so he could be with her forever in the grave. In a normal setting, this would be considered borderline insanity, due to Romeo’s unsafe state of thoughts and mindset. This all shows that Romeo is an unsafe person with insane thoughts. He is unable to function naturally and has an extreme attachment issue for love. This major flaw plays a huge part in Romeo and Juliet’s
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