Who Is Theodore Roosevelt One Of The Greatest Presidents

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The 26th president of the United States was Theodore Roosevelt, and known to be one of the greatest presidents in AMerican history. During the presidency of William McKinley, Roosevelt was the Vice President. When McKinley was assassinated Teddy Roosevelt was put in office. He set out to change the United States and how some things worked. Roosevelt tried to help the everyday citizen by making different acts and policies. During his eight years in office he was able to gain the name “Trust Buster”, preserve the land, and keep people healthy. When Teddy Roosevelt was president, he felt empowered by the people to improve the United States (Miller Center). He declared that McKinley’s policies were “absolutely unbroken”, but Roosevelt was too strong willed to follow in someone's foot steps (Gable). …show more content…

Through the government and different policies he was able to catch forty-four illegal business trusts. William Howard Taft “busted” ninety trusts in just one term, the reason why Roosevelt has the name is most likely because he was the first to call out businesses on their illegal ways (Roosevelt). Teddy created the Department of Commerce and Labor, a department devoted to uncovering illegal trusts and investigating corporate abuses. Since Roosevelt did this he helped enable businesses to have competition once again instead of getting pushed out of the running by the big leaders. The department was given $500,000 to create lawsuits against the illegal business trusts in the economy. He expanded the economy by cutting out the corrupted parts of the business world (The 1900s Government). Roosevelt did not like the name of “Trust Buster” that was given to him. He believed that he was just making sure that the businesses were working within regulations and fairly (Gable). Roosevelt worked throughout his years as president to stop illegal trusts so the playing field could be fair for

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