Who We Are Ad Analysis Examples

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The 2016 Clinton “Who We Are” ad, has brought in major publicity to the presidential campaign race. This ad demonstrates the process and goals, Senator Clinton wants to take in order to bring everyone strong and together. In the textbook, it mentions that there are five parts to the dramatistic pentad: act, scene, agent, agency, and purpose. In the commercial the act, is the underlying action of what is going on. The ad demonstrates this by showing Clinton shaking hands with the men and woman, and hugging small children. She interacts with them to gain their trust, in hopes that they will value her determination and willingness. As this action is in play, Clinton uses a voice over to state that we must, “Give every man, women, and child the God given right to their potential” (The Living Room Candidate). Her offset dialogue matches the action that has taken place, creating an audible and visual story. Then there is the scene, the scene in the ad is associated with background setting that determines when and where it has taken…show more content…
The dominate term that’s the most significant is the purpose, the purpose of this ad is to tell a story that the American people deserve an economy that is beneficial to all, instead of those who are already on top. Building a better economy that is more sufficient that can help everyday people lives is the main priority. The act in this ad, demonstrates Clinton visiting local men, women, and children. As she interacts with them, and listen to their stories. She can form better solutions in making the economy better. This act is being done based on Clinton’s main purpose, which is building a better economy. However, in the ad, there is a least dominate pentad, which is the agency. The agency lacks in underlying step by step on how to accomplish each goal. Instead, they announce hidden cues that they say will make a change, but with no step by process on
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