Who is Leonard Bloomfield?

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Relating to the great influence of Bloomfield's work, the school of American Structuralism Linguistics appeared. Leonard Bloomfield is considered as the founder of school of Linguistic in America. He sat up the basic methodological guidelines to follow. He described himself as a behaviorist. Bloch described Bloomfield's contributions as sophisticated and varied ones, With sample knowledge of the Germanic, Indic, Slavic, and Greek linguistic groups (1970)
Language can be seen as a major part of linguistic behavior in any community, which refers to a group of people which communicate together with the help of language. It is similar to a link or relationship that correlates non linguistic events with each other. So, we come across a general conclusion which says: studying a language leads to study the type of relation between linguistic forms besides using the features a physical situation.
In 1914, while Bloomfield was an instructor in Champaign, he published An Introduction to the Study of Language. This book laid out his basic ideas about the nature of language, following on basic Boasian outlines, which were becoming typical features of Linguistics in the U.S. He emphasized primarily on the spoken language and secondary on the written language. He also focused on the observation of language as a present-day reality to speakers, rather than from an external, historical point of view, and an interest in the variety of linguistic systems in the world

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