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Case Analysis Whole Foods Market in 2010: Vision, Core Values, and Strategy By: Katie Hollar Baker College Online Case Analysis Whole Foods Market in 2010: Vision, Core Values, and Strategy Overview Whole Foods Market was established in Austin, Texas in 1980 as a natural and health food supermarket, and it has since become the world’s largest supermarket chain in organic and natural foods. Whole Foods Market had 289 stores located in Canada, Great Britain, and predominantly in the United States in 2010. Providing high quality, naturally produced, flavorful, low processed organic food to consumers that desire a higher quality menu and a healthier life style, in many regions has been their goal since inception. The core…show more content…
Establishing team development, team empowerment, employees joining forces with management to cut costs, self-directed teams, shared fate, incremental progress, and open and timely information increase the employees feeling of commitment to the company and help them strive to better the company, themselves and the environment. Effectively having happy, empowered, employees will increase the value of the company in the present and the future. (Thompson, 2012) Whole Foods Market has prided itself in the selection of the products it sells and uses by quality, taste, value, and production processes strengthening their business further. They have carried out this key strategy by tasting every product before they purchased them, sourcing from local, organic farmers, requiring livestock and seafood items from farmers to be raised humanely and raised on pasturelands, well water, wholesome grains, and not use steroids, hormones or byproducts. Keeping products at high quality, great taste, comparable prices, and environmentally friendly will allow repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising to increase the value of Whole Foods Market. (Thompson, 2012) Value pricing began to strengthen Whole Food Market after 2008-2009 fiscal year when the company realized that they had been hit by the economic crisis harder than they had expected. Prices were reduced for key items, different size packages were introduced, signs and aisle

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