Whole Foods Inc. Operates In The Grocery Industry With

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Whole Foods Inc. operates in the grocery industry with its main focus on providing consumers with a healthier, more natural, and a more organic alternative to grocery shopping. Their products differentiate from other mainstream grocery providers because they are a higher quality of product. After previously partnering with Google express, Whole Foods has now invested in Instacart, a delivery service that would primarily deliver Whole Foods products nationwide to its consumers for at least the next five years. (Rey) The current Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Whole Foods Markets is Glenda Flanagan, who is also the Executive Vice President for the company. She is the longest running female to serve in the Chief Financial Officer position …show more content…

(Quarterly Results) Whole Foods continues to grow as the leader in organic and natural grocery supplier in the United States, Canada, and England. The company has continued to open new stores in new markets, as well as, opening two 365 by Whole Foods Market stores. Whole Foods became the industry leader by providing high quality natural and organic food products for consumers, which is a better and healthier product for consumers to consume. This is a big part of their competitive advantage. Other grocery stores are limited in their organic supplies, where as at Whole Foods, it is the primary focus. Another comparison is that with the help of Instacart, Whole foods is now the leader when it comes to delivery of fresh groceries then any other grocery in the industry. (Quarterly Results) Whole Foods employees around eighty-seven thousand employees, and has been ranked one of the “one hundred best companies to work for” for the last nineteen years by Fortune Magazine (Quarterly Results). Whole Foods provides their employees with a twenty percent discount on all products. Full time employees also receive low insurance premiums under twenty dollars. Personal wellness and health savings accounts are also offered to employees to help cover cost of medical needs. Whole Foods looks for passionate employees to help satisfy consumer needs. (About Our

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