Whole Foods Market Inc.

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Whole Foods Market Inc. is a supermarket selling highest quality natural and organic food, was founded by John Mackey in Austin, Texas in 1980. Whole Foods Market is leading the supermarket industry worldwide, its recorded sales had reached $10,107.79 million in 2011 and it has expanded more than 430 stores in the United states in 2015 (Whole Foods Market, 2015). Website Overview Whole Foods Market’s main communication vehicle is their website, www.wholefoodsmarket.com. Whole Foods Market has made its website attractive for promoting business and increasing sales by providing product promotions, coupons, and company information. The website was developed as a new version in 2008, and it had over 178,000 visitors each day in 2013 (Whole Foods Market, 2013). Homepage Structure Whole Foods Market’s website captures visitors’ attention with highly visual and inspirational shopping experience. You will find it surprising that Whole Foods Market using so many food pictures with highly quality on its homepage. It indeed attracts visitors’ attention in the first place and draw them to the further steps. Furthermore, for designing a convenient use of the website, Whole Foods Market provides easy accesses to channels, like promotions, with the information that customers concern about most. There are three categories of tabs at the top of the website. The “FIND THE STORE” (1) helps visitors to find the nearest store with detailed store information with simply typing zip

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