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Whole Foods Market, Inc. A. SIC/NAICS #’s - The SIC number for Whole Foods Market, Inc. is 5411, which implies grocery stores. The NAICS number for Whole Foods is 445110, which means supermarkets and other grocery (except convenience) stores. (Mergent Online) B. Mission Statement - Barbara Farfan who writes for about.com states, “The mission statement of the Whole Foods Company and Whole Foods Markets begins with its motto, which is "Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet" The Whole Foods mission explains and defines what that motto means. This mission explanation includes..."Whole Foods - We obtain our products locally and from all over the world, often from small, uniquely dedicated food artisans. Whole People - We recruit the best…show more content…
We work with our supplier partners in eliminating all unnecessary production and distribution costs to help ensure the best possible price.” Whole Foods also believes that their customers are their most important stakeholders and that by firstly satisfying their customers; they can then satisfy the needs of their other stakeholders. Whole Foods intends to excite their customers by providing extraordinary customer service, educating their customers about natural and organic foods and provide inviting store environments. Additionally, Whole Foods uses their sales and marketing to grab the attention of their niche target market. Whole Foods specifically advertises in health and fitness magazine and places their billboards in strategic areas with a high traffic of fitness/healthy eating minded customers. G. Industry Analysis – The supermarket and grocery store industry is maintaining throughout the economic crisis that America is currently experiencing. As stated by the Market Report of “Grocery Stores”, “The industry fared well during the economic recession of the late 2000s, as more Americans chose to eat at home rather than go out. During this time grocery stores focused on providing economical food choices for cash-strapped consumers.” However, as the economy continues to improve, more people may choose to eat out which could cause the industry to marginally suffer. Additionally, Supermarketnews.com states, “…the 75

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