Whole Foods Market Overview

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Whole Foods Market Background Whole Foods Market is an American based retail-chain grocery store. They strictly sell both natural and organic food, offering a variety of products. “Natural” refers to food that is free of growth hormones or antibiotics, while “certified organic” food must meet the standards of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Whole Foods Market is the leading retailer in the natural and organic foods, with 193 stores in 31 states, Canada, and the United Kingdom. With Whole Foods Market being the first retailer in the business, they never really had to worry about competition. However, with the trends changing and people wanting to eat healthier and have healthier lifestyles, the popularity of the natural and organic products have increased. This means that Whole Foods Market’s competition is growing because different stores are catering to the consumers’ wants. So, since Whole Foods Market is the leading market retailer, how are they going to continue to grow in an increasingly competitive market? This question can be simply answered: they will be able to continue to grow because of their strategic plan.

Combating an Increasing Competitive Market A strategic plan will basically layout the goals and the general direction of what the company wants to accomplish. A great way to analyze a strategic plan is a strategic audit. A strategic audit is a checklist of questions about a certain aspect of the company or issue that triggers a deeper analysis

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