Why Abt Is Effective For Teaching Speaking At Clt Classroom Essay

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The first question of this research is asking if ABT is effective in teaching speaking in CLT Classroom. In answering the question, the Paired Sample T Test was used. The result can be seen in the following table 5.1: Table 4.1 The Analysis of the Pre- Activities and Post- Activities in the experimental group by using t- test Paired Sample Statistic
Paired Samples Statistics Mean N Std. Deviation Std. Error Mean
Pair 1 Post-test of ABT + CLT) 101.73 30 8.034 1.467 Pre-test of ABT + CLT) 89.97 30 7.165 1.308

Paired Samples Correlations N Correlation Sig.
Pair 1 Post-test & pretest of ABT + CLT 30 .425 .019

In the table Paired Sample Statistics, it shows the statistically summary from the two Observations. For the observation score before and after the students were taught by using ABT integrated with CLT classroom, it was found that the students’ activities mean before they were taught by using ABT integrated with CLT the was 89.97 while, the score after they were taught by using ABT integrated with CLT classroom the mean was 101.73.

Table 4.2 The Output of Correlation between the Pre- Activities and the Post-Activities Observation Data in the Experimental Group.
Paired Samples Test Pair 1 Post-Activities and pre-Activities Observation of ABT + CLT
Differences Mean 11.767 Std. Deviation 8.186 Std. Error Mean 1.495 95% Confidence Interval of the Difference Lower 8.710 Upper 14.823
T 7.873
Df 29
Sig. (2-tailed) .000

In the Paired Samples
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