Why Are Human Psychologists Concerned With Human Biology?

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9-1: Why are human psychologists concerned with human biology? Psychologists working from a biological perspective study the links between biology and behavior. We are biopsychosocial systems, in which biological, psychological and social-cultural factors interact to influence behavior. 9-2: What are the parts of a neuron and how are neural impulses generated? Neurons are the elementary components of the nervous system, the body 's speedy electrochemical information system. A neuron receives signals through the branching dendrites, and sends signals through its axons. Some axons are encased in a myelin sheath, which enables faster transmission. If the combined receive signals exceed a minimum threshold, the neuron fires, transmitting an electrical impulse (action potential) down it 's axon by means of the chemistry to electricity process. The neuron 's reaction is an all or none process. 9-3: How do nerve cells communicate with other nerve cells? When the action potentials reach the end of an axon (the axon terminals), they stimulate the release of neurotransmitters. These chemical messengers carry a message from the sending neuron across the synapse to receptor sites on a receiving neuron. The sending neuron, in a process called reuptake, then reabsorbs the excess neurotransmitter molecules in the synaptic gap. If incoming signals are strong enough, the receiving neuron generates its own actions potential and relays the message to other incoming cells. 9-4: How do

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