Why Are We Working For The Kslp Team?

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Why are you interested in working for the KSLP Team? I want to work for the KSLP team first because I want to gain management experience. One of my career aspirations is to enter the logistics field and to manage a variety of systems, both with computers and people, and I feel that this would be an excellent opportunity to build the experience necessary to thrive in that industry. Based on the job description, this internship is geared for that line of work, since interns will be organizing multiple conferences and making sure every day to day operation is covered, down to the smallest detail. With my work at the Greenfield Intercultural Center and 3 other groups, I know how to handle myself with daily tasks to ensure the success of a…show more content…
I’m taking a sociology class this semester, and one of the things that angers me to my core is the fact that economic status can determine life trajectories, especially with regard to education (Lareau, 2003); the inherent truth is that people are nearly predestined to build and/or lack dispositions to thrive in institutions like Penn and other of the nation’s top universities. They matter for me, and they matter for my friends in the KIPP program, and they especially matter to the students in grade school who must struggle and fight for their opportunities. My primary interests are in systems engineering and mathematics, but while I do not have a direct interest in education, I realize its importance, and I want to use some of my time to help students realize their dreams. What skills/abilities/attributes do you feel make you a unique candidate for this role? As my resume notes, I have 1-2 years of logistical experience, working at centers like Greenfield Intercultural Center and in organizations like Technology Entrepreneurship Club, Hult Prize@ Penn, Penn Play, and Penn ProjectOne. I am both familiar and comfortable with making deliveries and facilitating events. The intangible skills I’ve learned from these experiences are described below. The first two skills I bring to this role are strong organization and endurance. I know how to handle a large range of responsibilities in a short period of time, assigning different
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