Why Are You Interested On The Entertainment Industry

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1. How did you hear about BCEC? Please describe any past involvement with BCEC.

I heard about BCEC through Facebook! I saw it on my invites page, and the club looked well suited to my interests, as I have spent the last year and a half starting to work in the industry, and most likely want to end up working in entertainment back in my hometown of LA.

I haven’t had any past involvement, and all I can say is I regret not knowing about this club sooner!

2. Why are you interested in the entertainment industry, specifically film?

My initial interest in entertainment stemmed from the world I grew up in Los Angeles where so many of my neighbors, friend’s parents, and just general social community were involved in all the facets of the industry. As I have gotten older, I have really found an interest in the business behind film. From film marketing, financing, distribution to studio operations its all so fascinating. This past summer I took a course at UCLA on the Business of Blockbusters, and I got to see all the business related sides to entrainment, learn about everything from marketing to box office analysis, and hear from well-qualified and respected professionals from different areas of the entertainment industry.

People gather around entertainment, and everyday people can be overheard talking about their favorites movies of all time, movies they just saw, and films they are anticipating. I want to a part of creating those films that people love. People will always

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