Why Bank Robberies Have Increased Since 1994

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I found an article that conducted a study to find why bank robberies have increased since 1994. The focus of the study was focused to the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) where the use of statistics of bank robbers, interviewing bank robbers, and determining what kind of security measures and security equipment was been used, the gathering of the information was used to gain insight into bank robbery (Carrol & Loch, (1997).
The study first focused on basic information of bank robberies, by using records that the FBI kept when investing bank robbery scenes. This information was very helpful in determining the trends of bank robbers; the investigators gave suggestions to institutions on how to create better security measures. The investigator took all the FBI reports and placed them into a database for future reference (Carrol & Loch, (1997).
The investigator wanted to learn what motivated bank robbers so they interviewed offenders either in federal or local correctional institutes. They have currently interviewed five offenders, varying from robbers who passed notes to armed single robbers to a group or gang robberies. They found that robbers would avoid certain banks do to security systems; investigator also learned how offenders planned robberies. They found that all offenders interviewed would be deterred from robbing a bank if there were uniformed security present. The offenders were aware of the dye packs and
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