Why Blog And My Blog

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Why Blog?

Blogging. It’s risen in popularity in the past several years. Anyone can start their own blog. They are widely accessible and very personal. Recently, I began blogging inspired by a senior colleague whose words leapt from the page with wisdom and insight. I wanted to share my voice and my thoughts and even my life online as well. So I did, and with that came a multitude of positive chain reactions.
I began to see the narrative of my life, what kinds of things I wrote about and what I wasn’t inclined to write about and share online. My blog consists of a series of personal essays, mostly unedited, and focusing on the intersection between life events and my living faith. My blog became the place where an introvert wasn’t scared to share her deepest or most lighthearted tidbits of information, observations and inner dialogue. My blog helped me to see that I was a person who was constantly evolving, changing, and growing. It helped me to divulge the thoughts that often did not fit in casual conversation. Through the entries that I kept, my journey was shared with the whole world, and anyone who wanted to read it could freely do so at their leisure.
Blogging is transition. My experience of transitioning to blogging from journaling by hand came as a big step. I was encouraged by this senior colleague who had some great insights on her blog that she was able to share through social media sites. I found that blogging let me think critically about what I was posting and…
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