Why Boxing Is Important To Me

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How long does it take to write an essay, 60 minutes, 2 hours, that’s what I’m going to find out today?
First I need to think of a topic; something I’m passion about or I can relate to otherwise is going to be a challenge for me. After I pick a topic I will elaborate on each point that I mentioned in the introduction paragraph. Each sentence in the introduction will be the introduction to the body paragraph.
Now I will think of the things I enjoy and can relate to such as swimming, boxing, women, money, gambling and more. Most of us grew up playing basketball, soccer, and football. Although these are the most popular sport in America, I believe people should try more individual sports; such as, boxing, swimming and golf. Boxing is consider
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However, not to long ago it was a gift and American boxers were one of the most talented. What happen? As time passed, the media made boxing as a poor man’s sport and people became less interested. In the 1960s students were forced to fight one on one it was very common for five year old to fight one of his classmates with gloves obviously. In addition, in the 80s there were more boxing gyms making accessible for people. Although boxing is a dangerous sport I still think younger generation should be more exposed to it. For the past five years, more kids are getting bullied in school and committing suicide because of their lack of confidence. I’m not stating that boxing is the answer to all these conundrum but it can help the community and help students bond more. I rather see two young kids in a ring than one kid getting jump. Boxing is just pure beauty is not everyday people tell you “hey, do you want to box”, you can play basketball, soccer, football, but you can’t play…show more content…
Boxing is looked as brutal but in reality is just what America need more warriors and people who are not afraid to stand up for their rights. Not to long ago smoking was consider something healthy, until; scientist later discover the risk and effects of smoking. The same can be said about boxing is not a dangerous sport is just a different sport that many overlook. As for swimming, the media loves to public racial comments about black people and makes them look as worthless swimmers when in reality most black people know how to swim. Then Golf is just difficult to find people who are interested because of the neighborhood they live in is rarely talked
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