Why Chinese Food Has Lost Its Authenticity

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Around the globe, people are very fond trying and experiencing food they have never tasted. Sometimes your own ethnic food and taste can appear tedious to you at a certain amount of time. One of the most popular ethnic foods in America is the Chinese cuisine. Society is so blindly in love with it, they cannot seem to notice that Chinese food in America is not the authentic food in China. In addition, American fast food that goes overseas, have misplaced its authenticity as well as Chinese food in America due to many valid reasons. The conclusion of authenticity has raised an argument whether for what reasons why Chinese food has lost its authenticity. Moreover, the different reasons why there is a lack of authenticity in ethnic Chinese…show more content…
From Xiaoyu Yan’s article “Chinese Food in America vs Chinese Food in China” writes to us, “In addition, Americanized Chinese food leaves out many ingredients that Americans find unacceptable and dull which includes, pig ears, chicken feet, duck blood or jellyfish. served on the side” (Yan). Therefore, chefs are restaurants in America add ingredients such as meat products such as chicken or pork due to reason that Americans find pig ears, chicken feet and duck blood unacceptable. In addition, many people such as the Chinese customers find it offensive because main ingredients in Chinese food such as bean products or, pig ears or jellyfish are just as important as meat for a dish in America. Secondly, the taste of authentic Chinese food in China depends on different states and Chinese food in the U.S is loaded with salt and sugar. For instance, Chinese food in America, chefs are restaurants are only emphasizing on sweeter, saltier and more often greasier food. From Xiaoyu Yan’s article “Chinese Food in America vs Chinese Food in China” explains to us “many provinces in south China, such as Szechuan, Yunnan, and Hunan, are famous for their spicy foods, but their spicy spices are different from each other. People in northeast China are more likely to add a soybean source when cooking, so their food is relatively saltier and darker in color. Shanghai people are well known for having a ‘sweet tooth’. In easier terms, the traditional,

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