Why Consumers Purchase Organic Foods Essay example

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2.1 Introduction

This chapter was discussed about the overview of organic foods purchase intention that might affect purchasing of organic food among ASTRO staffs. In order to identify why consumers purchase the organic foods, research come out with a few factors that really influence the consumers to purchase the organic foods. The factors such as consumer attitude, environmental consciousness, safety and health aspect, knowledge and quality of organic foods will influence the purchase intention among ASTRO staffs. Besides that, demographic characteristic will support to identify what type of ASTRO staffs who purchase organic foods in their daily life. Moreover, the type of organic foods that most likely purchased …show more content…

Therefore, the ASTRO staffs purchasing intention might depend on their attitude towards the buying of organic food.

2.3 Environmental consciousness According to Hughner et al, (2007) in studying the reason for organic food purchases, a majority of studies have attributes the purchase organic food to consumers’ environmental attitudes and concerns. The use of chemical and hazardous substances showed an increase, particularly in the agricultural sector based on the 9th Malaysia Plan (2006-2010), chapter 22. The quantity of fertilizers used increased about 1.8 million tones within 3 years which is from 2.2 million tones in 2001 to 4.0 million tones in 2004. In order to reduce the high usage of chemicals and hazardous substances, government has introduced better farming training through Skim Akreditasi Ladang Malaysia (SLAM) and Skim Organik Malaysia (SOM).
According to Harper & Makatouni, (2002), an ethical or consumer is ecologically and purchase products that are environmental friendly and not harmful to the environment or society. This shows that environmental friendly products that produce won’t give any negative affect to environment such as air pollution, land pollution and etc. According Millock et al. (2004) claimed that good environment and animal welfare attitudes influence organic food choice to a lesser extent that the attitudes towards taste, freshness and health aspects of organic food. These findings suggest that organic buyers also

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