Why Did William Shakespeare Influenced His Life

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William Shakespeare, a famous playwright, poet, and actor will always be a huge part of a poet’s influence. He changed the world of poetry by writing his plays. Despite all the hard events he went through in his life, he always stayed strong and especially, never gave up his dream. In this essay, you will be hearing about the story of his life. How he went through all the ups and downs as becoming a writer, for instance having a family had him be pushed back. It may have took him longer to get a hit, but when he got a hit, he really deserved it.\ On April 23, 1564 a baby was born who changed the world of poetry, to the parents of John and Mary Shakespeare. John and Mary got married in 1557. Shakespeare was born in a small town named …show more content…

People thought of Shakespeare as the greatest drama and poet in England and with that, many people today have dedicated to his works, and critics and readers acknowledge in a superb way that with in his words there is more of a story to be enhanced. One of his most popular plays were Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is a play about a young girl in love with someone that she knows will never be able to be with and tries to secretly see him. Some of the places Shakespeare had performed his plays are called, The Theatre, The Curtain in Shoreditch, Leonard Digges, Australlia, New Zealand, and The Globe Theatre. He also in 1599, was incorporated with other members of a company helped finance the building of the Globe Theatre which is the most famous out of all the Elizabeth's playhouse which is one of the reasons he was allowed to play one of his plays there.

During shakespeare’s time of being a playwright, he had 4 major periods in his career. His first period was from 1590-1594. During this period he wrote plays in the genre of comedies, tragedies, or about history. People say that him writing in those genres meant that he was still struggling to develope his own poetic style. During his second period which laste from 1595-1600 had some similar genres as his first period. The genres that he wrote in were historical drama and comedy. During this time a lot of his plays had undefined plots and not much characterization. He also did not write a

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