Why Do Bad Things Happen?

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Why do bad things happen to good people?
Where does evil come from in the world? Depending on an individual’s faith, this question might be answered numerous ways. Each religion has their own bases as to why there is evil present, even questioning why a good God would allow suffering. There are four main theories that correlate depending on the religious teachings you believe in and why bad things happen to good people. It is human nature to try to figure out the world around us, and understand why we are here and why things happen. Religion gives us a foundation to stand on. The idea of evil in this world can contradict and strain the idea of a God that is good. Why would a God allow such pain and suffering to innocent human beings? The four main theories are as follows, karma, the consolation of promise, the appeal to sovereignty, and dualism.
Karma is commonly known as “what comes around, goes around”. Karma is usually present and predominates in Buddhism, Hindu, and Wiccan religions. When looking at Buddhism it is stated simply by:
“Teachings about karma explain that our past actions affect us, either positively or negatively, and that our present actions will affect us in the future.” (BBC, 2009) There is also the idea that choices made in a previous life can and will follow over to the current life and cause pain and suffering. This theory does not allow the idea that God is the cause of these problems rather it is the individual’s choices that have caused evil
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