Why Do Children Genocide Punishment?

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Parents and teachers who try to make their children behave by subjecting them to embarrassing punishments are taking the wrong approach to discipline them. A Florida teacher was suspended May of 2012 for making tardy students wear a wide-brimmed dog collar saying “cone of shame.” Also parents in Minnesota shaved their twelve-year-old daughters head and forced her to wear a diaper and run around outside because they were disappointed with her grades. Experts say that any punishment that shames or embarrasses a child is not an effective way to discipline youngsters, and may cause long-term psychological damage. “The research is pretty clear that it’s never appropriate to shame a child, or to make a child feel degraded or diminished,”…show more content…
Yes, the teacher that made the children wear the dog collar should have been fired not suspended that's what is wrong with the teachers now they think they can get away with anything suspension is not what she should have got they spare them too much. How do you think the child felt when she did that now she has some type of mental problem? Also, the parents that shaved their twelve-year-old head should be ashamed of themselves as well. They took away her confidence and everything else that you could name. This punishment right here is what makes children get bullied and have low self-esteem. I do believe in punishing children because some of the kids out here do need a good old fashion whipping. My parents believe wherever you embarrass me at is where I'm going to get you. That’s why I'm so sweet and respectful because we got whippings’. They say a better way to discipline you children is to put then in time out and listen to them. Timeouts now days do not work why do you think when parents say “Becky get off the floor” the child sit and look like whom are you talking too? The parents now days need to be parents and not their children friends and maybe the world would be a whole lot better. What do you
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