Why Do Elephants Get Cancer?

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In a study that came out during early October scientists said that elephants may obtain a vital part of the puzzle in the fight against human cancer.
Elephants rarely get cancer, which scientists have questioned for a very long time because elephants have 100 times the amount of cells as a humans.
"They should be 100 times more likely to have a cell slip into a cancerous state and trigger the disease over their long life span of 50 to 70 years," scientists at the University of Utah said.
However, the mortality rate for elephants is less than 5% compared to 25% in humans.
Research has shown that elephants contain extra genes which stop tumors long before they ever even form. The elephants have 40 copies of a gene called p53 which is a protein …show more content…

During the study, scientists at the different universities were able to extract white bloods cells from elephants, however leading to the damage of the cell’s DNA.
"It's as if the elephants said, 'It's so important that we don't get cancer, we're going to kill this cell and start over fresh,'" said Joshua Schiffman, one of the study’s authors and scientists, "If you kill the damaged cell, it's gone, and it can't turn into cancer. This may be more effective of an approach to cancer prevention than trying to stop a mutated cell from dividing and not being able to completely repair itself."
So what exactly does this all mean for human cancer treatment?
What shows to be true is that without the gene in elephants that have this rare cancer-fighting ability, elephants should be extinct.
"By all logical reasoning, elephants should be developing a tremendous amount of cancer, and in fact, should be extinct by now due to such a high risk for cancer," Schiffman said. "We think that making more p53 is nature's way of keeping this species alive."
Now there shows to be many other contributing factors that make humans more at risk of getting cancer. However scientists say that the study does provide insight on

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