Why Do People Go Abroad Essay

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Good morning Everyone I’m Jonathan Mislang and I choose topic Why people go Abroad.
Going abroad seems to be part of everyone’s to-do-lists. Afterall, visiting or living abroad is an adventure of a lifetime. You go to an alien place, with different people and culture. You get to experience new things—unfamiliar places, exotic food, and much more. Everyone has different reasons for travelling out of the country. What’s the most common reason why people go abroad though? It depends on the group of people you’re asking.
For the youth, various reasons can be tied to travelling to another country. For one, most young people travel while they are in their 20s to get out of their comfort zone. They want to get a fresh view of the world and gain firsthand experience of what’s it like in the “real world.” This is understandable since, after studying for the longest time, young people are set to question their purpose. You typically hear fresh college graduates ask themselves, “What do I do now?” the truth is, they have no idea of what it’s like to be “out in the open.” Young people are often shocked with the thousand responsibilities they face …show more content…

Why study abroad, one might ask? There are a lot of benefits of studying abroad. A different culture means a different mindset and a new school system, which may challenge them to do better in their studies. Being in a foreign school also presents a lot of work opportunities after. This is true for most developing countries. Being accepted to Ivy League schools in developed countries like US or Germany presents countless offers and windows of opportunity in the far future. At this present age, being able to adapt to the high standards of globalization is a key aspect to being successful. For the youth, travelling abroad to pursue their studies is a perfect avenue to develop their skills, immerse in a second (or even third) language, and observe cultural

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