Why Do People Judge You Essay

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Why do people judge so quickly? They have one single conversation with you and immediately think that they know what type of a person you are just after that one conversation or even by the way you physically present yourself, the way you style your hair, what type of cloths you wear, they will always judge you. You do something and they judge you by thinking of how you behaved just in a second, they start saying that you’re shy or that stupid or that if you act strange you are a retard. It’s true.. I don’t behave like everyone else, people say i'm just shy because i’m alway quiet, but i'm quiet not because i'm shy but because I just don’t like talking to ‘normal people’. You know, if they actually took the time and effort to talk to me and maybe …show more content…

I do everything I want to do. I even entered the football team and football is suppose to be a boys game, I just wanted to try it since none of the girls were in it. People talked about me saying how could i join a boys sports, so I partly joined it because I know that normal people are like that. They will hate, dislike, and question what you do then they will copy you. Its normally called jealousy which is why they don't like it at first because they don’t think they can do it, but then more people do it and they wanna be on all the trend so they copy. Anyways for my classes, school is too easy for me, I somehow manage to already know what we’re gonna be taught and it is quite entertaining watching my classmates answer things wrong like during math class when they answer a fully completely answer to what is the actual answer. I often answer things wrong on purpose because I don’t want to be put higher levels, I don’t want to cause attention towards me but yet I have all A’s in my report

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