Why Do People Make Me Drink Milk?

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I remember my mother made my school bus wait while she’s standing in front of me and everyone in the bus to make me drink milk. Since early day I have known something was funny on drinking milk, maybe was my mother pushing it or maybe was my born instinct advising me that was not necessary for me to drink that. I grew up investigating my rejection of something is given to you from early states since you born to your finals days everybody is pushing something that seems abnormal to drink. Why I say abnormal? Because humans are the only living thing that drink milk from other species, where I’m going make sense? A cow don’t drink milk from a human and we don’t feed a sheep, cow milk then, why humans are sold to believe is ok to drink another species milk? Got milk? Is an advertisement from the Food and Drug Administration as well as from the milk produced to incite consume of their product. This product have not been evaluated to determine their consumption, safety, even though the FDA said otherwise, they do not explain to the consumers the exact contains of milk and they secondary effects of consuming this product, we just lab rabbits testing for the government, to after they come out with so much deterrents. Back to the situation should we drink milk or not? At this point we should introduce some facts on milk I started at the beginning of this conversation. Humans are the only specie drinking milk from another species. Medical specialist always telling pregnant women to

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