Why Do People Often Say Ignorance Is Bliss

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People often say “Ignorance is bliss,” that means not knowing something, does not even hurt you. I disagree with that statement in so many ways. Not knowing something can hurt you badly because you could not know many things and that will put you down a bumpy pass. People need to pay attention to what's happening in the world and around them. There is this video on a random man asking various strangers, “Do you support the sharia law this political figure is trying to pass in the United States.” Every single one of the various people said yes, but the reason why the example was brought in was because first, the political figure is not even trying to pass the law; second, if they would actually know what sharia law is they would not be in support of it. This shows that people are being ignorant and that is damaging them.…show more content…
You are ignoring everything in school your whole year at school. That damages you because later in life you will regret them choices you made and want a better degree in college, but you did terrible in school. People should rethink the “Ignorance is bliss” quote. Sure ignoring all your problems may make you seem like you have none, but does it really help you? The quote is known to be believed in everyday lives and in the modern culture. If you want to be the person that ignores everything is never out to the open would, then sure go ahead and be happy at ignoring everything, but you really don't want to be that kind of
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