Why Do The Bears Go?

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Reflection- Funding Play Everyone strives to gain as much knowledge as they can, as knowledge is power. Many parents with young children want to ensure a promising future, therefore placing their child on the fast-track; learning math and how to read at an early age. It is believed that the best preschool program will lead to the best college. However, due to a multitude of research on the subject, many have realized the real learning tool to place children on the face-track to success is by letting them play. Play needs to be funded in programs as it allows children the opportunity to develop in all domains. Play is a tool which creates a solid foundation for children to build upon their skills throughout their life. In Genan T.…show more content…
This is shown once the children notice the bears in the play area and state ideas on how to construct the bears’ new home. The children learn that other have differing opinion but decide to problem solve, by listening to each other, gathering evidence, and careful direction from their teacher; until they find a viable option: a bear cave built of blocks. This makes the children become effective problem solvers and learn the process of collaborating in a group setting. Children also gain skills in the socioemotional domain as they learn roles in the group and become productive to produce a product while filling those roles. The children exhibit this behavior as Megan assumes role of a ticket salesperson for the train and coach others how to sell more tickets. Megan maintains her role and does not push her way to being the conductor of the train or other role in the zoo. This teaches that each member of the group has a vital role and functions within the group to create a meaningful experience and product. This is a skill taught through play and multiple opportunities to develop this skill. This is also true for developing self-regulation, denying impulses and making rational decisions. Play helps children to practice within this area. Austin displays self-regulation when he asked the teacher if it was ok to bring water into his play area, which wasn’t usually allowed, to make his monkey food. He was self-regulated enough to come up with the reasoning
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