Why Do They Have So Many Chances? Essay

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Introduction “I don’t know how they can still be in the classroom!” “Can’t they just fire them?” “Why do they have so many chances?” These are often the words that come out of many teachers, parents, and students’ mouths when having an unpleasant encounter with a lackluster teacher. Unfortunately, these lackluster teachers seem to walk a fine line where they perform just enough duties to stay employed but never go beyond average. Many of these cases involve educators who refuse to implement new strategies, leave students unsupervised, verbally degrade students’ abilities, have a lack of collaboration and communication skills, and an inconsistent sense of responsibility to perform contractual duties. While, these negative behaviors are not exposed in the media like other situations that require immediate teacher dismissal, they are unfortunately, everyday occurrence in most school districts or educational institutions, and affect students in a negative way. According to Educational Law (2016) teacher dismissals refers to “…the termination of employment contracts either during academic years for just cause or, for teachers with tenure, at the end of a given school year.” However, teacher dismissal has become extremely difficult due to lack of time for proper administrative documentation, union language, and shortage of new qualified teachers. Do I believe administrators do not take proper documentation? No. Do I believe teacher unions are bad? No. Do I believe all teachers

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