Why Do Women Still Have The Same Rights As Men

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Ask yourself this. Do women still have the same rights as men? If you said yes, no or i don't know then i will tell you .“No” women don't have the same rights as men still to this day. Over the years us women have been fighting for our own rights because reason is we need the same salary as men . You should care about this life of matter because it's just not right/fair that the men get paid more than women when women work more and are well educated than most men. Most of you men wouldn't care cause you guys already have all the rights but i know that us women would care because if you look around you would see that us women rarely have equal rights reasons why you should care because mostly all women are well educated , women are heros too not only men and women are blamed for getting rape. In california women are still fighting for their rights still to this day like Hillary Clinton she's made a…show more content…
If you look around the world you can see that women are putting this world together they are the cause that our society is still holding onto this bad generation . Have you ever seen a movie about moms how they too care of us how they taught us how to speak , how to respect other, how to walk , how to make friends , how to get over breakups , and to find good friends . Sometimes we don't appreciate what our moms do for us i’ve see how children disrespect their mom's because they don't get it “there way” they don't get a toy from the store so they start a tantrum . I know for a face this is all true because sometimes i don't appreciate what my mom does for me and i feel bad for that. I judge kids my age on how they treat their mom but i just realized that i did that too.There's a lot of things you need to notice like how you treat your mom. Your mom should be your hero cause without her you wouldn't know how to do the things you do now. But sometimes you have to be the hero and save her life because the world out here is very
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