Why Do You Work For This Organization?

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Why do you wish to work for this organization? Personally, this organization provides the conglomeration of what I envision for my future life. For some this would be a four year degree, a good paying job and a family. For me; however, I want a life that is dedicated to increasing my global awareness and service. We are in an ever increasingly globalized world that requires decisions that will affect more than ourselves. I want to be one of those people that is responsible for knowing and understanding this changing dynamic. Personally, the best way to accomplish this goal is through service. Service offers a unique perspective in that it allows you to see the “real” world because you are not looking out for yourself, but for those you serve. Describe your personality and how it makes you a good fit for this organization. Whilst taking the personality test for this position, I noticed that one repeating question I answered true without hesitating pertained to work ethic. My work ethic personifies my personality through qualities such as integrity, responsibility, and dependability. I have held a diverse number of jobs from a young age and have found that employers appreciate a worker that cares and puts in the effort to succeed. Two of the core values of this organization are integrity and excellence, which are only achieved through a positive work ethic. If not offered a position with this organization, what other career options are you likely to pursue? Personally, I

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