Why Does Freire Prefer The Problem Solving Model Of Education To The Banking Model Of Education

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1. Why does Freire prefer the problem solving model of education to the banking model of education?
According to Freire, the banking model of education involves looking at the students as objects of learning while teachers are known as subjects of learning. Students are viewed as these “empty vaults” who are totally ignorant regarding the lesson that the teacher is going to “deposit” new knowledge into your “empty vault”. The teacher is the all-knowing and all-powerful subject of learning who is the person who presents new information based on their vast amounts of knowledge to the students that the students are expected to memorize and recall upon request from the teacher. A subject is the person who has the most significant impact in a …show more content…

The problem solving method does not subject students to oppression by viewing the students as objects of their learning. Since problem solving encourages teachers and students to cooperate with learning achievement, it also encourages students to question the validity of the information that the teacher is teaching them in the classroom. If there is a mistake, students are more likely to question their teacher if the students are cooperating with their teacher throughout the learning process. From the Freire reading on page seventy, “the banking concept does not admit to such partnership- and necessarily so” (Curren).
The next reason why Freire prefers the problem solving method over the banking method of education is that it involves higher levels of critical thinking for students and the teacher. From educational psychology, the lowest level of thinking in Bloom’s Taxonomy is “knowledge”. Having knowledge essentially means that you have the ability to reduplicate information upon receiving a prompt from your professor to reproduce said information. This is the only type of thinking that the banking method of education promotes according to Freire. The students do not need to comprehend, apply, analyze, synthesize, or evaluate any of the information since the teacher is only asking for the regurgitation of said knowledge. The problem solving method is focused on the

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