Why Eat Green? Essay

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Barbara Diaz Mr. Walsh Honors English 11, 4th hour December 17, 2012 Title Most people do not think about the fact that the meat in their hamburger deluxe combo was once a tortured animal, the ribs they ate the other week was once an abused pig in a tiny crate, or that the chicken they bought from KFC was drugged and bred so large to the point where it could not even walk. This is reality. This is what occurs behind the curtain. This is what fast food commercials do not mention. That happy farm with blue skies and large pastures is only a reality in children’s storybooks. The truth is; if slaughterhouses were made out of glass windows, everyone would be a vegetarian, especially if you compared that to a greenhouse. It is sickening to…show more content…
The largest epidemiological study ever conducted found that those eating the amount of animal foods typical for Americans have seventeen times the death rate from heart disease, and, for women, five times the rate of breast cancer than those who get five percent or less of their protein from animal foods. Meat also contains fourteen times the amount of pesticides as plant foods. If you want to improve your health, becoming a vegetarian is a great way of doing so. Lastly but most importantly, the easiest thing a person can do to lessen animal suffering is simple: do not eat them. Becoming a vegetarian is the most effective way of lessening animal suffering. Animals are living things just like you and me; they can feel both emotional and physical pain. About eight billion animals are killed for food in the U.S. a year. What makes matters worse is that these animals are not taken care of or killed humanely. Animals are usually raised in cramped confinement operations, which is known as factory farming. Chickens are crammed into cages, and they are debeaked to keep them from pecking each other to death. Animals are pumped full of powerful drugs to kill diseases because of unhealthy living conditions and to make them grow and produce faster than nature intended. Cows and chickens are inhumanely slaughtered and made into low-grade meat (found in fast-food and some pet food) when they stop producing milk and eggs as the younger

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