Why Everyone Needs A Food Reserve

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The current political situation in the United States has shaken people to the core. What once was a stable country has quickly disrupted into chaos. This has lead many people to wonder what the future might hold for those who are already struggling to get by. But it doesn't have to be this way though. With careful planning, Americans can regain some control over their lives. And the best place to start is with their food supply.

Why Everyone Needs a Food Reserve

Years ago, families always had a stocked-up pantry. They joined together to grow the food that was in it themselves before spending many hours in the kitchen preserving the fruits of their labor. They had to. There was no way that they could survive the long winters if they didn't. But since stores have all the food and supplies that everyone needs now, modern folks have
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It takes time to accumulate it all. However, there are a few tips that can help make the process easier though. First of all, purchase some large containers with air-tight lids to them. Use these to store the dried goods that are usually sold in paper or plastic bags. The containers will help prevent insects from getting in the food. They will also help ensure that the food doesn't spoil. Next, go through all the food supplies that you already have. List them all out on a food inventory sheet. That way, you will know how much of each item is already in the pantry. As you buy more food, list it on the sheet. It will be easier to buy extras if you watch sales at the local grocery stores. It doesn't matter what order that you stock up on each item, but it helps to work your way down the list of supplies that you will need. Don't forget to include bottled water to go with the food when you are shopping. If you are having trouble finding certain items in large enough quantities, consider checking online for them. Many “prepper” sites offer them for a reasonable
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