Why Forensics Is Important?

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Why forensics is important? Forensics is an interesting topic because you can find out anything about any certain thing, like when the last time a toothbrush was used, or what a certain shoe tread belongs to. Forensics helps catch criminals from misdemeanors to felonies. It also helps find people who have gone missing or who are dead and can’t be identified. Forensics is now becoming more known to the world, through tv crime dramas and through high school and college courses. I want to make sure that people who want to go into the forensics field in college or high school, know that forensics isn’t all about science and isn’t as glorified as on tv. I searched the internet for the different types of forensics and what each section does. I also researched what types of cases would need the use of forensics using public records that can be found for free. Forensics is important because it’s the difference between guilty and not guilty and sometimes the difference between life and death. Forensics is important to me because I’ve known I wanted to be a part of this field since I was twelve. Before I knew exactly what forensic scientists do I just knew I wanted to be one because I want to help people. I knew that they studied things in depth like blood and saliva, but I never knew why. I wanted to know how to apply the knowledge of what you’re taught in science about DNA to how to catch a killer or a burglar or to find someone who’s gone missing. So for my research I knew that I
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