Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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There are more than eight million people in the United States that are in the LGBT, which stands for (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community. All of those people want to marry who they want and have the same rights as anyone else. Gay marriage rights should be legal because it will make LGBT families more stable, create a non-discriminated society, and more children could be adopted.
The first reason it should be legal is that it will make LGBT families more stable. Children raised by same-sex parents had fewer social problems than heterosexual raised children. This proves that same-sex parents are just as capable as heterosexual parents. Same-sex families are usually made by either adoption or surrogacy. It ends up costing tons of money, but to them it is worth it. For them to take a child who has no one to care for them is amazing.
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Eventually it will bring down the high rate of hatred in the world. Gay marriage rights could change how people look and treat one another. We hope that one-day no one will judge one another based on their religion, race, or even life choices. The LGBT community is discriminated against every day for just being themselves. All people should be able to express themselves however they want without judgment. The last reason gay marriage rights will change is letting more kids be adopted into loving homes. Many children do not get adopted for, there are not enough people in the world to care for them. A while ago, states kept gay men and women from adopting and fostering children. Even now many states still keep children away from same-sex couples, and continue to say they must be married to adopt or foster children. It is unfair to withhold children from loving families who can take care of them. The United States has 115,000 children that are waiting to be adopted and
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