Why Humans Develop Their Psychological Attributes Based On Genetics ( Nature ) Or Their Environment

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The debate on whether humans develop their psychological attributes based on genetics (nature) or their environment and how they were raised (nurture) are two controversial issues in central psychology within psychologist and philosophers. For centuries, the disputation between nature and nurture surged on regards to which one of the two has a greater significance: ‘The inborn nature of the individual or the environmental influences that nurture the individual’.( Hockenbury, Don; Hockenbury, Sandra E.. Discovering Psychology (Page 3). Although there have been debates on both issues, psychologist accepted that nature and nurture complement each other and,‘ are impossible to completely disentangle (Sameroff, 2010)’.
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The study of Feral Children has proven that infants abandoned by society have less likely of a chance to cohabit within society or be intellectual, normally due to the lack of social interaction. If a feral child was raised by wild animals such as Victor, the wild boy of Aveyron it is inevitable for the child 's nurture to be superior to that of its nature(The development of children, 7th edition, Lightfoot, and Cole).Feral children are considered a debate between nature and nurture because the child recovered from the wild, mimics the environment and the characteristics of the wild animal that raised the child while applying the wisdom it gained surviving in the wild, lacking social intelligence. This explains the nurture of the child, not the nature proving that a child can be any kind of person depending on the nurture the child received.
Intelligence and mental illness is a mixture of nature and nurture, that has yet to fully determine which one is essentially more important. ‘while some psychologist investigates the relative influences of heredity versus environmental factors on behavior, today’s researchers also focus on studying the dynamic interaction between environmental factors and genetic heritage(Dick &others, 2015; Szyf,20130).
Upon choosing this topic, I hope to understand profoundly the human mind and behavior. I recalled what I had read not only in my adolescence but also what I had read in

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