Why I Am A Master 's Degree At The University Of Colorado Denver 's Business School

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I currently do not have a clear idea of what career or even business field I want to work in. I am double majoring in Financial Management and Accounting to help maximize my career opportunities and flexibility. I do enjoy accounting but I am not sure I want to take the public accountant route which will force my life to revolve entirely around work as a result of the long hours and high replacement rates. I am taking my first finance class this semester, but I do not have enough experience at this point to know what part of finance I would enjoy pursuing or even all of the areas of finance that I could explore. With this uncertainty, my primary goal right now is to continue to perform well in school and graduate in May, 2017. At that point, and depending on my current job position, I may pursue a Master’s Degree in the 11-month MBA program at the University of Colorado Denver’s Business School. I hope that between my experience there and my GPA I will have a foot in the door and better chances for success. Until that point, I will continue to improve on the qualities which have been working on my whole life – confidence in my abilities outside of the classroom and willingness to take risks and new ventures.

The behavior which I think that I need to improve on the most is confidence in my own abilities. Lack of self-confidence causes a myriad of other issues such as feeling the need to ensure perfection before finalizing a task, spending more time on tasks that
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