Why I Chose A Fitting Career Choice For Me

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The most asked questions throughout everyone’s young adulthood or childhood is “what career have you decided on?” or “What are you going to college for?”. For me, the question that comes after announcing my career choice is “What made you decide to enter that field?”. My response is always the same. The answer I give is because of my passion for helping others and the satisfaction of knowing I succeeded in assisting families and the deceased. I believe I have skills which are ideal for employment in the field. My skills include: organization, dedication, time management, compassion for others and my work, adaptability, responsibility, detail oriented, professional, and self-motivation. I believe I chose a fitting career choice for me. …show more content…

The profession also has negatives. One of the negatives is dealing with emotional families and difficult cases. Each family has their different ways of grieving, some are not the greatest ways. The hardest part is having to watch them go through the pain they are in. As a funeral director, it is part of the job to help them cope as best as you can and to make sure the funeral runs smooth while having all the components the family wanted. The second negative is trying to make the hard wishes of the deceased family come true. Sometimes their religion or preferences requires extraordinary tasks in which you may have to find a way to make them happen or find an alternative to the wishes. The third negative is planning your personal schedule and not being able to have time off to do personal tasks, like spending time with family or going to events. This will affect me more when I decide to have children. Although this is a negative, I knew about the circumstance before entering the field. Death does not occur just because the time is convenient for me. The fourth negative is having early mornings and calls throughout the middle of the night. This is a profession where constant alert is required at all times. Services and deaths do not stop just because I had a call in the middle of the night. Others lives still go on and the world does not revolve around when I need sleep. Although the career has negatives and positives, I

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