Why I Chose Cosmetology

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Cosmetology has always been an interest to me. I have been very passionate to all things relating to beauty. It fascinates me the many things that you can do with just a few tools. One of Cosmetologist goals are to make people feel confidante and happy with themselves. I love helping people and this field lets me do that while focusing on something I love to do. In my junior year of high school i stepped out of my comfort zone to learn about something I am very passionate about. Continuing to senior year, every morning I take cosmetology classes. In the morning I get to school early so I can get on a bus to take me to a different school. I spend half my day there and the other half of my day at my regular high school. Going to a new school can, sometimes, be difficult and stressful. When you are used to seeing the same faces everyday this is a big adjustment. Starting a new school, you go in not knowing anyone. This school made it easier because everyone is in the same situation. The students are combined from all the other schools, in my city, make up the classes. This being said, everyone goes into school not knowing anyone. This brings me a sense of comfort knowing that everyone around me is in the same boat. As the year went on, I became more comfortable and …show more content…

These two things relate to each other a lot. As a result of being very passionate that also makes me more motivated to succeed. Being motivated helps me do well in school because I want to wake up in the morning to attend class as well as pay attention and learn to the best of my ability. To make the best of this field you need to be well informed. Paying attention to rules, tips, and even laws plays a big part in Cosmetology. This is needed because one little thing you do wrong, to a client, may lead them to choose a new stylist. There are also certain rules and laws you need to follow or you may get fined, fired, or lose

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