Why I Chose To Attend An Ordinary School

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My reasons for wanting to attend the Service Academies are quite far from ordinary. Firstly, I want to offer my services to this nation as a debt of gratitude for permitting me to become one of it’s citizens, and secondly I want to to have the pleasure of attaining a higher form of education and training, that will one day be imperative to my advancement in life. I trust these dreams of mine will never be completely accomplished had I chosen an ordinary college. I would prefer not to attend an ordinary school, because I deeply desire a place that will test and push me toward achieving my maximum potential.

Going back five years, I would have found it hard to tell you what my dreams and aspirations were, because to be honest I never had the time to think about them. I was born in Africa, Togo to a very poor family, who most of the time is just barely getting by. By the time I was 9 years old, I started working just like any other boy my age, in order to make the hardships on our parents easier. I hadn’t the time to think about my education, because I knew that no matter how hard I work to attain it, it will have no impact on my life. So when we were given the chance to enter the greatest country in the world, I was more than thankful. I soon became aware of the fact that, in order to lead a successful life in this country, education
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Most of the people who come here are given opportunities that they in turn make into realities. I would love to preseve this aspect of this country, in order for it to keep offering such opportunities. I feel prepared for the challenges to come at my entry to the academy, and I will accept and exceed at them in whatever forms they are presented to me. I will climb up the ranks, gain the respect and recognition of my peers, and make a name for myself, upon exit. I am hopeful that I will attend the Naval Academy, because only the finest are allowed to attend, and I see myself at that
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