Why I Didn 't Know It?

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Before I knew it, it was already two days before we got to go to Hogwarts. I couldn’t believe it. I was two days away from going to a magical school that, up until about a week ago, didn’t exist. I wondered what house I was going to get sorted into. I wasn’t brave enough for Gryffindor, too pessimistic for Hufflepuff, too dumb for Ravenclaw, and not cunning enough for Slytherin. Maybe I wouldn’t get sorted into a house, and I would just have to sleep in Dumbledore’s office. That would be cool, maybe I would get to braid his beard.

“Whatcha thinking about?” George asked from beside me. We were on our way to the Leaky Cauldron, where apparently Harry was staying after he blew up his aunt. We all had a good laugh about that.

“Braiding Dumbledore’s beard,” I replied casually. He gave me a weirded out look, as did basically everyone else in the car that heard me. I shrugged. They asked a question, and they got an answer.

“You excited for Hogwarts? Do you reckon it’ll be different from your school back in America?” Fred asked us.

“I’m so excited! I’ll have to study really hard to keep up in my classes though. Of course it’ll be different. I heard that you all have houses or something, what’s up with those?” Janelle rambled. We had decided to say that our muggle school back in America was the wizarding school we went to. We just had to change the subjects and it was the perfect lie. I had also educated them all about the wizarding world as it would look a bit weird if

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