Why I Love Continuing Education

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I love continuing education. I feel that you can never know enough, due to the fact that there is always something new out in the community. People feel that a certain title brings prestige, which I agree it does, but no matter how insignificant your job title, there is a lesson to it. When I was a teenager I worked at Magic Landing (an amusement park) and Whataburger. The experience I took from each job was like day and night. The owner from Magic Landing would mistreat his employees and belittle them and the pay because we were all students was horrible. His mistreatment of his workers and his bad business tactics caused his employees to revolt and his customers to never come back. Whataburger on the other hand taught me how employees are an essential part of a team, and how clients are the core of a business. They send you to seminars to learn important skills to personalize service. I can say that it also teaches you about work ethic, responsibility, and even insignificant jobs like these, require detail and attention to the people we are serving. The next job I would like to mention because it taught me several valuable lessons is AT&T. The classic AT&T (before it was bought out by SBC) taught me about a new way of life. Their pay and benefits were non-comparable. My pay was as much as someone with a Master’s Degree. They put you through and intense 6 month program that teaches you top notch sales skills, customer services skills, phone etiquette, and how to
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