Why I Should Not Go Into The Public Health Field

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I did not always want to go into the public health field, when I was younger I was sure to be a chemist, making alternative fuels to save the planet. But, I think that idea stemmed from my aunt and uncle who make good money in that field. It was never something that I was passionate about, I just associated it with money and a nice house. Since I started my college career (at UNCG in 2012), as a chemistry major, I set myself up for failure. I wasn’t motivated, I rarely went to class, even on exam day, I was in my dorm room taking a nap. Need-less to say, after one semester I was put on academic suspension, and a month or so later, I dropped out completely. Shortly after, Sallie Mae came knocking, and I had to get a job. Target seemed …show more content…

Although at first I wanted to become a nutritionist, now I am leaning more towards assessing the current issue where I live, and mobilizing other people in my community who want to better themselves. One idea that I have is to build a fitness center, a place for those who are overweight to feel comfortable to workout. I would try to make membership as exclusive as possible, not to exclude people, but to create a more personal atmosphere. Not only would my members be working out here, but we would also hold meetings, once a week, to talk about the experiences that they have had. I think that the combination of physical exercise and social support, will give optimal results. I think that although anyone could start a business like this, after I have gone through the Public Health program, I will be able to better identify health behaviors, and will be able to create better programs in my community through proper communication. I know that as soon as I graduate I will not have the funds to open my own fitness center right away, and that is why I have a midway plan! After I graduate I hope to find a job in a non-for-profit organization. One like The American Cancer Society or American Diabetes Association, where I can help them

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