Why I Should Stay In A Class Analysis

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Hello Ms. Makewski I hope you're having a great day! It's your student Leslie from 5th period. I just had a couple of announcements and concerns about staying in your class. If you remember we had a talk not long ago whether I should stay in a AP class, or transfer to a regular class. Well I'm happy to say that I'm putting education first I told my sensei (karate chief instructor) two weeks ago that I will no longer be going for a short amount of time due to academics which he was very conclusively understandable with, But I still have my concerns. I understand that of course in college it's going to become more challenging and I don't want to make it sound like I'm making excuses, but I'm not sure if I can certainly handle your class. I mean, …show more content…

With stating the facts I come home at 4 (No transportation) and I start my hw right away sometimes I forget to eat because I'm focused to trying to finish up and study, after that It's already around 8 or 9 so I take a shower and do what I got to do. So you see I spend my whole day doing Homework and right away it's mandatory for me to sleep at 10-11 because I'm lacking so much nutrients (skipping meals) lacking sleep, and of course I'm working hard on my mind. I'm sorry if this took out you time from your daily busy life, but I thought it was a good thing to let this out. The possible solutions I see to is either switching to a different class, or dropping out because changing sets will worsen the situation. I've already talked to Ms. Read and she said," You are able to drop out, But a meeting with you Ms. Majewski, My AP, Family member, and I to have a meeting.

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