Why I Want To Be A Technician Essay

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Jisselle Torres Period- 3 Nov. 21, 2016 Veterinary (My profession) Inside this life there are doctors,engineers,businessmen,secretaries,sports players and etc.What I want to do Involves life and good deeds.I want to help others that can’t help themselves.I want to be a Veterinary and make little critters not become extinct.A veterinary needs a Bachelor's degree and four years of college before moving on to veterinary medical school.The pay per year is really good $91,250 at the most, if not $50,480 to $141,680 a year.Later on in this you will hear and read about many things you may have not known.So stay tuned and keep on reading …show more content…

I do want to become a veterinarian and I want to achieve my goal.Being someone in life means a lot to someone.Being someone in a life is when you have a job,have a car,go to college,owning my own place.I suggest that everyone here goes for their dream future job because you can accomplish everything that you want in your life.Being all that you want is difficult, but what is difficult a great reward after it.Although studies and school may seem very boring it's just to prepare you for future jobs and lives. School isn’t a waste of time because at school, imagination is

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